(new) More sophisticated ways of searching with e-LiSe are now possible. Full support for queries with logical operators (AND, OR and NOT), prioritized by the means of brackets, has just been introduced .

It is especially useful in cases when using exact multi word query has no sense, e.g. when there are too less abstracts with the multi word query and only suspected to be correlated words can be found . For instance to broaden the range of abstracts with the information about h2 histone the one can search using the following query (histone or histones) AND (h2 OR h2b OR h2a). Such query results in the number of abstracts three levels of magnitude higher, comparing to the „histone h2” multi word query and histone AND h2 .

Moreover the one can obtain correlated words for mixed query consisting of abstract word(s) query and publications author(s) query related with each by the logical operator. Let us suppose the one knows the leading author in the specific science field and is interested in the „rest of the science world” achievements. For example as far as docking is concerned Kuntz ID seems to be the leading author in this field. Using the appropriate query the one is able to get information about other scientists' researches in the given field. Another useful mixed query application is connected with the following situation: The given author has an unchallenged impact in one, specific field (many publications) .The one wants to get to know if there are other areas of scientific activity for the given author.